primary / prime [adj1] best, principal capital, cardinal, chief, crackerjack*, dominant, excellent, fab*, first, first-class*, greatest, heavy, highest, hot*, leading, main, number one*, paramount, primo*, state-of-the-art*, stellar, top, top-of-the-line*, tough*, world-class*; concepts 567,574 —Ant. inferior, least, minor, secondary, second-rate, subordinate, worst primary / prime [adj2] earliest aboriginal, beginning, direct, first, firsthand, immediate, initial, original, pioneer, primal, primeval, primitive, primordial, pristine; concepts 585,799 —Ant. final, latest primary / prime [adj3] basic, fundamental basal, beginning, bottom, central, elemental, elementary, essential, first, foundational, introductory, meat-and-potatoes*, original, primitive, principal, radical, rudimentary, simple, three R’s*, ultimate, underivative, underived, underlying; concepts 549,585 —Ant. auxiliary, secondary, supplemental prime [n1] best part of existence best, best days*, bloom, choice, cream*, elite, fat*, flower*, flowering*, height, heyday, maturity, peak, perfection, pink*, prize, spring, springtime, top, verdure, vitality, zenith; concept 816 —Ant. downfall prime [n2] beginning; spring adolescence, aurora, dawn, daybreak, dew, greenness*, juvenility, morn*, morning, opening, puberty, pubescence, springtime, start, sunrise, sunup, tender years*, vitality, youth, youthfulness; concepts 817,832 —Ant. conclusion, end prime [v] get ready; prepare break in, brief, clue*, coach, cram, excite, fill in, fit, galvanize, groom, inform, innervate, make ready, motivate, move, notify, prep*, provoke, rehearse, stimulate, tell, train; concepts 7,19,22,35,202 —Ant. forget, neglect

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